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Extra Tips for Your Tax Appointment

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Taxes can be tricky and confusing - that’s a big reason why firms like Practical Accounting Solutions exist to help you navigate through the tax law jargon! In the past, we’ve addressed different documents we recommend you bring to your appointment. (Check out those here). Today, we talk about extra tips to consider when searching for an accountant and preparing for your tax appointment.

Schedule Your Appointment Early

While April 15th seems like a looming date in the far distance, it’ll come closer than you think! Schedule your appointment as early as possible, as many firms quickly fill their calendars with appointments! Practical Accounting Solutions offers special “Tax Season Hours” to make sure we can see you when it’s most convenient. From Mondays through Saturdays, we’re open from 9AM - 6PM. If those don’t fit your schedule (we get it, you’re busy!) we’re happy to make an appointment outside of these hours if you call in advance! Be sure to set aside a few hours for your tax appointment to make sure we can cover all the information necessary to best serve you.

Gather Your Documents

There are quite a few documents you should bring to your tax appointment (see here). If in doubt, bring the document just in case to save you time! By the end of January, you should have all the tax documents from employers/employees you need to file your taxes. Remember to gather receipts, too! Certain items, like insurance plans, could potentially be helpful! Also be sure to note any charitable donations you made during the year, as they can add up!

Look for Last Year’s Return, Just in Case

Through our transition to new management in 2020, we still have all of your client documents in our system. It may be helpful to bring a copy of your return from last year to help us learn more about you as a client. Oftentimes, we can use previous returns to help you save more money as we learn more about you!


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