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You Need These Apps in Your Life!

Our smartphones have become an essential part of our everyday lives. From connecting with loved ones and friends on social media, getting the daily news, to calling a taxi after a fun evening out, our phones are personal assistants in our pockets. With this knowledge, it's no surprise there are a plethora of smart phone apps for financial management. There are millions of downloads each year for these money management apps, so today we are going to break down the best apps to help you manage your money with the personal assistant in your pocket.

1. Mint

Mint is like having a bookkeeper in your pocket. With a website and mobile apps, you can access Mint anytime, anywhere. Create budgets in different categories of your spending habits, get bill reminders, get curated spending suggestions based on your spending habits, and even check your credit score. The best part? It's completely free! Whether you like to see where every penny goes, or you want to create better spending habits, Mint is a fantastic tool in learning your financial management style!


2. Credit Karma

Your credit score matters, but up to 44% of American adults haven't checked their credit score within the past 12 months according to the NFCC (National Foundation for Credit Counseling). With the Credit Karma app, you can stay up-to-date on your credit score and even get customized tips on how you can improve you score! Scared of identity theft? Credit Karma has ID monitoring to help you find red flags faster and easier. Download this app today to stay on top of your credit score!

3. Venmo

Splitting the tab is easier than ever with Venmo. Venmo is a money app designed to send cash quickly and easily between friends. Some online stores use Venmo, too, for quick and easy checkout. Simply connect your card or bank and pay or request payment from users. Fast, easy, fun, Venmo makes life simpler!

4. Robinhood

Trading stocks used to be tricky, but Robinhood makes it simple and quick. This app lets you trade for free, but they also have a premium version called Robinhood Gold that lets you trade early and late and avoid waiting periods for ACH investments.

5. Your Banking App

Gone are the days when you need to go to your bank to deposit checks and check your account finances. Most banks have a mobile app you can download and manage your finances on the go! Transfer money between accounts, deposit checks, check your balance, and even manage fraud alerts all from your phone.

6. Acorns

Investing just got easier with Acorns. This allows you to round up change from purchases to invest and save. Invest in Acorns-curated portfolios or even an Acorns-recommended IRA! Acorns also has a debit card option with fee-free transfers between banks. You can even earn by spending with the new Found Money feature where companies invest in your account when you shop their brand. Get signed up today to start saving with Acorns!

7. Honey

Honey helps you shop smarter! Downloaded as an app on your phone or Chrome extension, simply click the icon while you shop to add discounts to your cart and save you tons. Quick tip: Honey is especially great when ordering pizza! Earn points with your purchases, called Honey Gold, that you can later redeem for cash or prizes.

8. Tip Yourself

Tip Yourself is like a pat on the back for developing good spending habits. Ran an extra mile at the gym? Tip yourself! Said no to that impulse purchase you just HAD to have? Tip yourself! We tip at restaurants, valets, and more, why not treat yourself by tipping yourself?

9. Chime

Are you tired of your bank? Meet Chime, the 100% online bank made for you. When you sign up, you get a Chime debit card, banking account, and savings account option! Chime prides itself on being straightforward with no hidden fees, no monthly minimum balances, and no transfer fees. They even let you receive your direct deposit paycheck up to two days early! Try Chime today for a better banking experience.

10. Clarity Money

We've come a long way from using spreadsheets and receipts to track our spending. Clarity Money is an AI-powered app that analyzes your spending habits and help you budget better. Organize your bills, track your spending, and cancel subscriptions you may have forgotten about!

Note: Practical Accounting Solutions was not paid for any endorsements of these apps.



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