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Meet Grayson Media!

Grayson Glueck

Grayson is the CEO of Grayson Media LLC: a Social Media Marketing, Photography, and Videography company.

But, this is not the path she had originally planned. Grayson attended Radford University with the dream of becoming an on-air radio personality. With a Media Studies and a concentration in Production Technology degree in hand, she set off to find her future career. She discovered a radio station that she had loved and listened to her whole life. Once she got there, she realized this dream was not big enough. Radio was fun and exciting, but she wanted more. So again, she set off, and found a home as a Social Media Coordinator. She dedicated herself to creating dynamic posts that capture the attention of potential consumers and showcase the company. Grayson loved being a Social Media Coordinator and craved to coordinate more than just one account. Thus, Grayson Media was born! With Grayson Media, Grayson is not limited to just being one title. She can use her talents to create videos for clients all over the country and beyond. She lives in Fredericksburg but runs social media accounts in Williamsburg, Richmond, and even New York City! As her own boss, she has the ability to create her own schedule. She can travel around the globe capturing the images and videos needed to promote any company. Creating videos is huge in today’s social media because consumers want to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the companies they work with. Rather than meeting all of them in person, video allows companies to show their authenticity. Not only does she create content for companies, she can be present for any type of event. One of her upcoming projects is filming a wedding in September in Surry!

The social media world is constantly growing and changing, and Grayson is prepared for the next big digital breakthrough. Her main goal is to creates unique advertisements on various digital outlets to help her clients connect with their target audiences.

Take a look at some of Grayson's awesome projects:

If you want your company to stand out…Contact Grayson Today!

Phone Number: 757-784-3920


Visit the Website:

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