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3 Smart Ways to Invest Your Money

Investing is a long-term strategy of making more money and expanding your financial portfolio. It's also a personal choice on how you choose to invest: the stock market, bonds, mutual funds, new ventures, and many more! However you choose to invest, here are 3 reasons why investing is a great opportunity in expanding your financial gains!

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1. Be a Part of Something new

There are approximately 543,000 new businesses that start each month according to Forbes. While clearly not all are successful, there are ventures with new ideas and niches to offer the ever-growing era of technology. Do your research, or better yet, talk with an investment adviser on if a venture investment is a good choice for you. An easy way to do this is to invest through venture capital; this is where your investment is pooled with others' investments and managed by professional venture capital managers. While you can rest assured knowing professionals are managing your money, this is not necessarily an 100% win, plus you can't invest in one single startup. Once again, we recommend consulting your financial adviser to see how investing will fit with your personality and financial portfolio.

2. Stocks and Bonds

For some, retirement may seem like a long time away. For others, it's right around the corner. Where ever you are in life, it's never too late or early to think about retirement. By putting your savings toward different types of investments, they can grow over time and become your main source of money in retirement. As with any investment, risks are involved. AllBusiness recommends investing riskier at a young age and more conservatively as you grow older. The amount of risk you take is a personal choice, so choose what you are comfortable with as you plan your investment portfolio.

3. Buy Rental Properties

This can mean a myriad of things. For example, you can rent out a room in your home, buy an entirely new property to rent out, or purchase a new home and rent out your old one. As the landlord, it would be your responsibility to keep the property in good condition, but there are ways to keep expenses low and keep rent affordable for your tenants, too! You could even give a rent-to-own option where you contract the home as rent until a predetermined time where the renter has the option to buy. This is a great long-term option that helps those who cannot afford to buy their own home yet.

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