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How can a tax preparation firm afford to give away 50 dollars/return?

Give away 50 Dollars

How is it that a national tax preparation chain can afford to give away 50 dollars with each return they prepare in January and early February each year? The answer is that they raise their preparation fees by $50 or more to cover this “giveaway”. It is an interesting marketing tool and one that obviously serves them well. Otherwise they wouldn’t offer it every year and spend most of their early tax season marketing budgets to proclaim it.

This is probably the reason their competitor is giving away $1,000 to 1,000 people each day for 32 days this tax season. That is a total payout of $32,000,000. That is a big bet that people will choose their service this year after choosing others in the past.

How do you Choose your Tax Prep Firm?

When you are choosing where to have your taxes prepared do you worry about the promotion the business is running or about who is actually preparing your return?

At Practical Accounting Solutions we are dedicated to ensuring that your tax return is prepared correctly. This means that you are qualifying for all of the deductions and credits that you have legally earned.

We may not have the biggest promotions or the best gimmicks but we are focused on what really matters: You and your finances. At the end of the day is that worth a $50 bill or a chance at winning $1,000? If you want those you should head to a convenience store and spend a couple dollars on a lottery ticket. You might actually have a better shot at winning. If you want a tax return prepared accurately and completely, come to us. Our doors are always open to new customers and our focus is always our customers and their finances.

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